To our english speaking friends

To our english speaking friends



FIDEF, which was created in 1981 by a French initiative, is an International Federation that groups (almost) all the accounting institutes in the  French-speaking countries. These are the orders of chartered accountants, statutory auditors and certified public accountants, recognized as such by their government.


From one to three institutes generally represent the accounting profession in a given country: Chartered Accountants, Auditors and Accountants.


To date 37 countries, represented by more than 52 organizations or associations, are members of Fidef.

These members are split between « active members » on one side and « associate members » on the other side.


« Active members » are only professional accounting institutes or bodies (= PAOs) officially recognized as such in their country.

« Associate members » can be any organizations, public or private, concerned by our profession, for example in the fields of training, standardization, teaching, association of Chartered Accountants or non-formally recognized organization.


« Associate members » do not benefit from all Fidef services and do not have the right to vote at general meetings.


By « Francophone » we must of course hear all the countries that use the French language but, more broadly, certain countries which, even if they do not use the French language on a daily basis, have been admitted as members by the IFO (IFO = International Francophone Organization)


The object and the reason of being of FIDEF are multiple:

  • To federate and organize a « francophone voice » in parallel, or in addition, of the English voice mainly used in our profession,
  • To promote accounting and professional standardization among its members
  • To assist its members in all their needs, difficulties, requests of any kind by seeking answers or solutions from and among the other members of FIDEF, including support for all training actions.
  • To assist its members in order to ensure a level of technical skill consistent and in line with the economic needs of each country
  • To carry out the translation in French of some texts, issued by the IFAC, but which exists only in English language, and to ensure the diffusion of the translated texts.
  • To represent Francophone members at international organizations
  • To reflect broadly, in the company of its members, on the organization and prerogatives of national accounting institutes.
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