Powers of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of twenty physical persons or more, representing active members, elected for four renewable years, according to the modalities specified by the by-laws.

The Council is renewable by half during the annual General Assembly, the pair’s years.

The administrator’s mandate, elected by the General Assembly in others circumstances ends as the mandate should normally have been provided for four years.

Applications for administrators are sent to the Deputy-President, by mail or email, signed by the active member’s President who recommends him, at least one month before the General Assembly. The Deputy-Director has to acknowledge reception of all applications. Any application not having been the object of an acknowledgment of receipt must be considered as not reached if the transmitter doesn’t show itself.

Applications are confirmed after having checking that the active member is up to date with all his contributions, situation validated by the Treasurer.

The General Assembly is committed with the broadest powers for the realization of the purpose and the object of the FIDEF, subject to the powers reserved for the General Assembly.