Powers of the members’ Board

The Board is composed of:

  • A President,
  • Two Vice-president
  • A Secretary
  • A Treasurer

The Board of Directors elected until the next annual General Assembly (which always takes place a pair year), peoples who will established the aforementioned Board.

Nobody can be elected as a member if he isn’t chartered accountant or a statutory auditor.

If an administrator carries out its vice-president’s complete mandate, this mandate can be once renewed.

When a Board’s member resigns from its mandate within the Board or within its administrator’s mandate, it is organized a by-election during the most next Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors can dismiss a member of the Board if the point appeared in the Agenda.

The Board prepares and executes the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors. It can receive special delegations from the Council and it can itself delegate particular tasks to one of its members.

In case of emergency, it can replace the Council if there is a later ratification by the Council.