The thirtieth anniversary of the FIDEF

Bordeaux, on September 18th 1981, the FIDEF was born: Historic brochure

On October 2011, the FIDEF celebrated in Paris (pavillon Dauphine) its thirtieth anniversary, gathering its 45 organizations members in 34 countries, under the authority of the International Organization of the Francophonie, for two events:

  • Un colloquium: assessment and perspective of 30 years of standardization » with thee round tables: the conditions of a good transposition of the standards, an example of integration: the OHADA space, Francophony and standardization: another look.

Link to the colloquium brochure: colloquium brochure

  • A solemn reception with the diplomatic representatives of the countries members of theFIDEF, a strong delegation of the OIF, the representatives of the IFAC, during which the 30 years were warmly celebrated, mixing emotion and memories; the RAPF’s charter was signed by five French-speaking professional associations, in link with the OIF, in order to define strategies for the promotion and the protection of the French language and the multilingualism.

Link to the diary: 30 anniversary diary