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FIDEF together accounting professional organizations speaking countries

Founded in 1981 at the initiative of professionals from a dozen countries, FIDEF meets in 2012, 36 countries on four 4 continents, approximately 100,000 professionals.

FIDEF structure of exchange and cooperation in the French-language community based its action on the major objectives:

Ensure the recognition and authority of the French accounting profession,
Promote accounting and professional standards in Francophone countries,
Translate auditing and accounting standards, as well as all text and useful features to the exercise of the profession,
Ensure that Francophones professional accounting and auditing a consistent level of technical competence, recognized internationally, in line with the needs of economies,
Contribute to the debate on international harmonization in the field of auditing and accounting.
Representing the French accounting profession with international institutions.
To achieve its objectives, FIDEF develops its activities, alone or in collaboration with its members, particularly in the following areas:
Dissemination of translations of basic texts and guides
Participation in regional operations coordination, support the creation and strengthening of national occupational structures,
Organization and active participation in workshops,
Strengthening links between member organizations, including through sharing of experiences,
Support for training and implementation of national regulations in line with international standards of accounting and auditing.
FIDEF, as an international institution demonstrates its commitment through active participation in various structures

INGOs (International Non Governmental Organization) accredited by the authorities of the OIF (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie)
Accounting organization recognized by IFAC (International Federation of Accountants)
Observer member of ISAR (Intergovernmental Working Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting UN)
Organization represented on the IASB (International Accounting Standards Board)
One of the criteria for membership FIDEF is belonging to a member of the OIF or countries sharing the French language

Can access the membership representative organizations financially and operationally credible, recognized by a legal text (or consensus) in their respective countries.
To date, 45 organizations are present in FIDEF and are divided into two categories:
Active Members:

These are orders, associations or institutes representing the accounting profession or auditor in their country.
In 2012, 28 in number.
Associate Members:

They are public or private organizations that share the goals of the FIDEF (these are, for example, accounting standards institutes, educational institutes).
In 2012, the number of 19.