Texts organizing the FIDEF’s life plan two types of organs.

Legals organs:

  • The General Assembly gathering all the members of the Federation with deliberative votes for actives members and consultative votes for associated members,
  • The Board of Directors, composed by 20 peoples or more, representative of active members, elected for 4 renewable years,
  • The Board composed by a President, two Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer,
  • The President is authorized in representing the FIDEF in front of all organizations; when he can’t, he is replaced in its functions by the oldest of the Vice-Presidents,
  • The Deputy President, designed by the Boards of Directors for an indefinite duration, is authorized in representing the FIDEF as the President; he prepares and coordinates the FIDEF’s activities and implements the Board’s decisions.

Functional organs:

  • Technical committees constituted by the Board of Directors to whom are given particular missions,
  • Representatives in front of internationals organizations.

It is listed more exactly in these spaces:

  • Members of the Board
  • Members of the Board of Directors